Special SVRA Kit

SONAX was proud to be a sponsor of the 2014 SVRA season. As a special thank you to all the members, we would like to offer this special kit. Please be sure to use your coupon code at check out to receive your SVRA discount! Hurry, your discount code expires 2-28-15.

Our SVRA Kit that includes:

SONAX Engine Cleaner (Reg. $11.99)

Quickly and reliably cleans all oil and grease from engines, machine and assembly parts and tools. The product has an outstanding infiltration ability, enabling it to reach even the most inaccessible places. Phosphate-free, solvent-free. Product Size: 500 ml (16.9 FL OZ)

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus (Reg. $20.99)

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus is the latest formulation for fast and effective removal of stubborn brake dust and road grime. The powerful wheel cleaner is 30% stronger and works much faster than SONAX Wheel Cleaner full effect. PLUS sprays on clear and turns red almost instantly as it begins to work. Because it is acid-free, Wheel Cleaner PLUS is safe for use on all wheel types and will not damage or corrode wheel bolts. Product Size: 500 ml (16.9 FL OZ)

SONAX Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate (Reg. $15.99)

SONAX Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate is a highly effective, phosphate free formula that penetrates and loosens tough dirt without damaging or stripping the protective layer. The special anionic surfactants within, adhere to dirt particles and act as emulsifiers absorbing and dissolving oil droplets. SONAX Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate is safe for all finishes and leaves a brilliant, clean shine to your paint surface every time! Product Size: 1000ml (33.8 FL OZ)

SONAX Easy Shine (Reg. $11.99)

Polish for quick and easy manual application. Suitable for slightly scratched and dull paintwork, with a balanced blend of wax and abrasives. Polishes and protects in one operation. Can be used in direct sunlight. Product Size: 250ml (8.4 FL OZ)

SONAX MultiStar Universal Cleaner (Reg. $14.99)

SONAX MultiStar Universal Cleaner is an ultra versatile, universal cleaner, for exterior & interior surfaces. Strong enough to clean tough areas such as wheel wells and engine compartments, but is also gentle enough to clean almost any interior surface without staining or adverse effects. Safe on any interior surface except clear plastics (instrument panel cover, nav screen) & leather. Available in trigger bottle or 10L Bulk. Watch video here. Product Size: 750ml (25.36 FL OZ)

Retail Value $76.95

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